cerebral cortex

Tissue Sentence Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of adrenal gland tissue in 7 abstracts.

PMID Senteces
32345362 ACE2 showed medium expression levels in the lungs, colon, liver, bladder, and adrenal gland.
32744242 Pandemic management strategies for patients with tumors of breast, prostate, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland are reviewed.
32852586 Adrenal glands were reviewed by two independent readers to look for AAI. […] Four patients had an acute biological adrenal gland insufficiency (8%).
33134888 The top targets are lung AT2 cells and macrophages, then cardiomyocytes and adrenal gland stromal cells, followed by stromal cells in testis, ovary, and thyroid, whereas the kidney proximal tubule cells, cholangiocytes, and enterocytes are less likely to be the primary SARS-CoV-2 targets.
33469663 Further investigation showed the presence of similar signalling events in the kidney, placenta, pancreas, testis, stomach, small intestine and adrenal gland suggesting the possible the mechanistic lineage of viral infection in other tissue.
33510731 Notably, the adrenal gland is a novel target organ, with abundant viral RNA and antigen expression detected, accompanied by focal to diffuse inflammation.
33542545 Herein, treatment of the pre-existing adrenal insufficiency in patients with actual Coronavirus disease and the effects of the this critical disease on the adrenal gland have been reviewed.