Tissue Sentence Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of gallbladder tissue in 23 abstracts.

PMID Senteces
32275128 With the guidance of MDT, one COVID-19 patient was transferred to designated provincial hospital after effective treatment; one patient complicated with acute cholecystitis underwent gallbladder puncture and drainage; and COVID-19 was excluded in a highly suspected patient after alveolar lavage fluid examination.
32391666 With the guidance of MDT, one COVID-19 patient was transferred to designated provincial hospital after effective treatment; one patient complicated with acute cholecystitis underwent gallbladder puncture and drainage; and COVID-19 was excluded in a highly suspected patient after alveolar lavage fluid examination.
32391742 Of right upper quadrant ultrasounds, 87% (32 of 37) were performed for liver laboratory findings, and 54% (20 of 37) demonstrated a dilated sludge-filled gallbladder suggestive of cholestasis.
32551214 Computed tomography scan revealed absence of contrast enhancement of gallbladder wall and a micro-perforation of the fundus. […] At laparoscopy, gallbladder gangrene was confirmed and a subtotal cholecystectomy performed. […] Percutaneous cholecystostomy should be avoided in patients with gallbladder gangrene. […] Subtotal laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gangrenous gallbladder is safe and effective.
32568751 The first patient underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gallbladder empyema and died from severe respiratory failure. […] The RT-PCR did not detect viral RNA in the wall of small intestine, appendix, and gallbladder, bile, liver, and urine.
32571224 Ultrasound-guided percutaneous transhepatic gallbladder drainage (PTGD) was performed, and the real-time fluorescence polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) COVID-19 nucleic acid assay of the bile was found to be negative.
32615987 We here report the histological findings of a COVID-19 patient, affected by a tardive complication of acute ischemic and gangrenous cholecystitis with a perforated and relaxed gallbladder needing urgent surgery. […] At a first abdominal CT scan, perihepatic effusion and a relaxed gallbladder with dense content were detected. […] A relaxed and perforated ischemic gangrenous gallbladder, with a local tissue inflammation and perihepatic fluid, was intraoperatively met. […] The gallbladder and a sample of omentum, adherent to the gallbladder, were also sent for histological examination. […] Hematoxylin-eosin-stained slides display inflammatory infiltration and endoluminal obliteration of vessels, with wall breakthrough, hemorrhagic infarction, and nerve hypertrophy of the gallbladder. […] The mucosa of the gallbladder appears also atrophic. […] Immunohistochemistry demonstrates an endothelial overexpression of medium-size vessels (anti-CD31), while not in micro-vessels, with a remarkable activity of macrophages (anti-CD68) and T helper lymphocytes (anti-CD4) against gallbladder vessels. […] All these findings define a histological diagnosis of vasculitis of the gallbladder.
32631771 Imaging revealed mild gallbladder wall edema, a small area of colitis, and small pleural effusion.
32669955 Our results suggested that ACE2 protein is mainly expressed in the small intestine, kidney, gallbladder, and testis, while the abundance of which in brain-associated tissues and blood common cells is low.
32715618 ACE2 expression was mainly observed in enterocytes, renal tubules, gallbladder, cardiomyocytes, male reproductive cells, placental trophoblasts, ductal cells, eye, and vasculature.
32755212 Abdominal imaging findings (US and CT) included small volume ascites (6; 38%), hepatomegaly (6; 38%), echogenic kidneys (5; 31%), bowel wall thickening (3; 19%), gallbladder wall thickening (3; 19%), mesenteric lymphadenopathy (2; 13%), splenomegaly (1; 6%), and bladder wall thickening (1; 6%). […] MIS-C associated with COVID-19 is characterized predominantly by cardiovascular abnormalities, though also solid visceral organ, gallbladder, and bowel abnormalities as well as ascites, reflecting a multisystemic inflammatory process.
32815036 Swabs were taken post-mortem during autopsy (N = 19) from the throat, both lungs, intestine, gallbladder, and brain or without autopsy (N = 9) only from the throat.
32895611 Because of deterioration of the patient’s clinical conditions, laparoscopic cholecystectomy had to be performed and since the gallbladder was gangrenous, the severe inflammation made surgery difficult to perform. […] Acalculous cholecystitis was related with mechanical ventilation and prolonged total parenteral nutrition, in this case the gangrenous histopathology pattern and the gallbladder wall ischemia was probably caused by vascular insufficiency secondary to severe acute respiratory distress syndrome of COVID-19 pneumonia. […] The percutaneous transhepatic gallbladder drainage (PTBD) was performed according to Tokyo Guidelines because of high surgical risk.
33173390 An international multidisciplinary panel reviewed the available literature to summarize data relating to standard-of-care surgical management and possible mitigating strategies to be used as a bridge to surgery for colorectal liver metastases, hepatocellular carcinoma, gallbladder cancer, intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, and hilar cholangiocarcinoma.
33249821 At transabdominal ultrasound at 38+3 weeks, fetal bowel and gallbladder calcifications were noted. […] Neonatal abdominal ultrasound showed normal liver, acalculous gallbladder with mild parietal thickening. […] The baby was discharged in good conditions. although gallbladder calcifications and echogenic bowel are highly suspicious of viral infection and were thought to be due to the vertical transmission of SARS-CoV-2, these findings were not corroborated by the results of our diagnostic tests; these sonographic findings might represent a false positive of fetal infection in mother affected by COVID-19 since vertical transmission appears to be rare.
33298763 On sonography, hepatomegaly, nephromegaly, gallbladder wall edema, ascites, intestinal inflammation and mesenteric lymphadenopathy were seen, while CT showed fluid-filled small bowel loops, mural thickening of the terminal ileum, diffuse lymphadenopathy, and moderate ascites.
33323782 The initially nonventilated patient was discharged prematurely due to gallbladder problems, whereas all six mechanically ventilated patients were successfully weaned off before transfer to a COVID-free unit where they stayed for 7-19 days.
33336018 The results showed that the kidneys, duodenum, intestine, gallbladder and testis had the highest ACE2 expressions, followed by the colon, rectum and seminal vesicles.
33394479 Moreover, the wall of the gallbladder was thicker and the size of the gallbladder was larger in Group 3.
33433671 Other findings included right lower quadrant bowel wall thickening (n=3, 23%), gallbladder wall thickening (n=3, 23%), and cervical (n=2) or abdominal (n=2) lymphadenopathy.
33507637 An abdominal ultrasonography was carried out in all patients, and a CT-scan was performed in 4 patients, which demonstrated inflammatory signs in the terminal ileum, the ileocecal valve and the ascending colon, as well as gallbladder edema.
33510731 Focal lesions in liver, gallbladder, myocardium, and lymph nodes were still present at 18 dpi, suggesting potential damage after disease.
33554049 It remains elusive whether the gallbladder might be vulnerable to COVID-19, necessitating further validation via prospective studies.