lanosterol synthase

Gene Context Sentence

Table 2. Analysis of context sentence of LSS gene in 3 abstracts.

PMID Gene Context Sentence
32712222 Visceral fat (VAT) was significantly higher in patients requiring intensive care (p = 0.032), together with age (p = 0.009), inflammation markers CRP and LDH (p < 0.0001, p = 0.003, respectively), and interstitial pneumonia severity as assessed by a Lung Severity Score (LSS) (p < 0.0001). […] Increasing age, lymphocytes, CRP, LDH, D-Dimer, LSS, total abdominal fat as well as VAT were found to have a significant univariate association with the need of intensive care. […] A multivariate analysis showed that LSS and VAT were independently associated with the need of intensive care (OR: 1.262; 95%CI: 1.0171-1.488; p = 0.005 and OR: 2.474; 95%CI: 1.017-6.019; p = 0.046, respectively).
33547814 The low socioeconomic standard group (LSS) included 51 humans, 30 females (F) and 21 males (M). […] Of the 30 LSSF, 6 were IgM, 21 IgG and 6 double positive. […] Of the 21 LSSM, 5 were IgM, 12 IgG and 5 double positive. […] Of the 51 LSS humans, 26 were symptomatic (S) and 25 asymptomatic (AS). […] The IgG prevalence was significantly higher among the LSS humans. […] Inverse correlation was observed between the age and the anti-SARS-CoV-2-antibodies prevalence except for LSSF-IgG and LSSM-IgM.
33555723 The data were collected by using the Personal Information Form, Holistic Complementary and Alternative Medicine Questionnaire (HCAMQ), and Life Satisfaction Scale (LSS). […] The HCAMQ total average score was 27.96 ± 5.49; the holistic health subdimension total average score was 9.59 ± 3.04; the complementary and alternative medicine subdimension total average score was 18.37 ± 3.58; and the LSS total average score was 20.78 ± 6.32. […] A positive weak statistically significant association was found between the HCAMQ and complementary and alternative medicine subdimension and the LSS (P < .05).