DrugBank ID: db09033
DrugCentral: vedolizumab
Synonymous : None

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of vedolizumab gene in 9 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32333601 Anti-tumor necrosis factor drugs, vedolizumab, ustekinumab, and steroids were linked to significantly lower expression of ACE2 in CD11b-enriched cells.
33064147 Finally, intact membrane-bound or shed soluble ACE2 can also trigger integrin signaling, modulating the response to anti-integrin biologic drugs used to treat IBD (such as vedolizumab) and fibrosis, a long-term complication of IBD.
33331349 The distribution of the biological agent used was significantly different in 2019 in comparison to the 2020 period mainly due to the increase in vedolizumab prescription in 2020 (p<0.0001).
33362435 We observed prescribing differences during COVID-19, bypassing the initiation of immunomodulators and/or anti-TNF therapy in favour of vedolizumab with a reduction in immunomodulator prescribing.
33416268 Retrospective, observational, cohort study of pediatric patients with IBD, receiving infliximab, adalimumab, vedolizumab, or ustekinumab for at least 2 months. […] One hundred eighty-five children were included (101 [55%] CD, 82 [44%] UC, and 2 [1%] IBDU): 149 received infliximab (IFX) (81%), 88 (48%) adalimumab (ADA), 18 (21%) vedolizumab, and 4 (2%) ustekinumab.
33423942 About the therapy: 62 patients were receiving infliximab, 89 adalimumab, 20 golimumab, 57 vedolizumab, 27 ustekinumab, 1 thalidomide, and 3 an experimental compound.
33551798 We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to assess the risk of respiratory infections in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) treated with vedolizumab. […] We searched PubMed, EMBASE and Scopus to identify randomized controlled trials (RCT) comparing vedolizumab to placebo in patients with IBD. […] Outcomes were the rate of respiratory tract infections (RTI), upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) and lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) among patients receiving vedolizumab as compared with placebo. […] Eight RCT involving 3,287 patients (1873 CD and 1415 UC) were analyzed; 2,493 patients received vedolizumab and 794 received placebo. […] The rates of RTI and URTI were statistically higher in vedolizumab-treated patients compared to placebo [OR = 1.63; 95% CI (1.07-2.49); OR = 1.64 95% CI (1.07-2.53) respectively]. […] UC patients, but not CD patients, receiving vedolizumab had a higher risk to develop RTI and URTI [OR = 1.98; 95% CI (1.41-2.77); OR = 2.02; 95% CI (1.42-2.87)] compared to placebo-treated patients. […] Data confirm the good safety profile of vedolizumab even though RTI were more frequent in patients receiving vedolizumab and the risk of URTIs was significantly higher in patients with UC.