DrugBank ID: db11237
DrugCentral: trypsin
Synonymous :tripsina

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of trypsin gene in 5 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32160149 We found that the virus replicates to high titer in Vero-CCL81 cells and Vero E6 cells in the absence of trypsin.
32335456 While the binding to host cell receptor is the first step of infection, the entrance of the virus into the cell needs the cleavage of S1-S2 subunits to expose S2 for fusion to cell membrane via host proteases including cathepsins, cell surface transmembrane protease/serine (TMPRSS) proteases, furin, trypsin and factor Xa.
32462744 Proteins from inactivated virus samples were extracted, digested with trypsin, and the resulting peptides were identified by data-dependent acquisition tandem mass spectrometry.
32537610 Aprotinin is a nonspecific protease inhibitor especially of trypsin, chymotrypsin, plasmin, and kallikrein, and it is many years in clinical use.
32639183 Inter-α-trypsin inhibitor (IαI) family members are ancient and unique molecules that have evolved over several hundred million years of vertebrate evolution.
32675285 Moreover, we found that TMPRSS11A activation cleavage occurred before the protein reached the cell surface, as indicated by studies with trypsin digestion to remove cell surface proteins, treatment with cell organelle-disturbing agents to block intracellular protein trafficking, and analysis of a soluble form of TMPRSS11A without the transmembrane domain.
32846910 The recombinant vaccine candidate virus actively replicated and spread within cells independently of exogenous trypsin.
32870433 Thrombin is a trypsin-like serine protease with multiple physiological functions.
32972339 There are other proteases with varying spatiotemporal locations that may be important for viral entry and subsequent replication inside the cells, and these include trypsin, furin and cathepsins. […] In this report, we discuss the tentative therapeutic role of inhibitors of TMPRSS2, cathepsin, trypsin, furin, plasmin, factor X and elastase in infection caused by SARS-CoV-2.
32975843 The CZ-MD provides a protective glycerol barrier containing cod trypsin as an ancillary component.
33052276 Tuberculosis workup was negative, and alpha 1 anti-trypsin levels were normal.
33058970 There are several families of cysteine proteinases with different folds - for example the (chymo)trypsin fold family and papain-like fold family - but in both families the hydrolase activity of cysteine proteinases requires a cysteine residue as the catalytic nucleophile.
33271151 The beta-lactoglobulin derived peptides used in this study were obtained by the treatment of goat milk whey fraction with trypsin.
33564221 Based on structural data derived from X-ray crystallographic data of related trypsin-like proteases, a homology model of TMPRSS2 is described and validated using the broad spectrum COVID-19 drug candidate camostat as a probe. […] Taken overall, the proposed structure along with the key contact sites and mechanistic features identified should prove highly advantageous to the design and rational development of safe and effective therapeutics that target TMPRSS2 and avoid inhibition of other trypsin-dependent processes.