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32277598 For many courses and programs however, it is not the long-term silver bullet solution to all learning provision and has consequences that must be considered.
32299148 In the interest of personal and public health, we caution decision- and policy makers alike not to pin all hope on a proverbial “silver bullet.” Until further breakthroughs emerge, we should remember that modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity should not be marginalized.
32396382 Here, we review theoretical mechanisms and evidence related to efficacy and safety of select supplements in the setting of COVID-19, including vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, elderberry, and silver.
32560875 Embedding safety netting within physiotherapy best practice could be a silver lining in this pandemic black cloud.
32578981 The presence of the silver nanoparticles can provide additional protection via the silver ion’s disinfection toward microbes.
32654634 Finally, the pandemic offers a silver lining for Africa: the prospects to integrate omics research with long-standing expertise in herbal medicine in Africa, thus accelerating the advances toward novel molecular therapeutic targets for COVID-19 and precision herbal medicine worldwide.
32657536 The rediscovery of the medical uses of silver provides another noticeable example, this time at the interface of chemistry and medicine, of the real (and nonlinear) progress of scientific research. […] Several new silver-based antimicrobial products have thus been commercialized in the last two decades.
32693224 Perhaps the only silver lining in this terrible disruption will be greater appreciation of the role of current health care providers and educators, whose contributions to our society are often neglected or unrecognized.
32694271 These include gold or silver nanoparticles and graphene oxide.
32706204 It is quite possible that this pandemic may be the silver lining that will save the US health care from its unsustainable consumption of US gross domestic product.
32728466 Epidemiological surveillance programs such as digital contact tracing have been touted as a silver bullet that will free the American public from the strictures of social distancing, enabling a return to school, work, and socializing.
32751260 Novel designs by employing various filter materials such as nanofibres, silver nanoparticles, and nano-webs on the filter surfaces to induce antimicrobial properties are also discussed in detail.
32808424 Parents responded to five interview questions about the impact of the pandemic, services for their child, silver linings or positive aspects, coping and their concerns about the long-term impact of the pandemic.
32809870 While there is no single ‘Silver Bullet’ to cure COVID-19, we believe that the severely disturbed pathological processes leading to respiratory failure in patients with COVID-19 organizing pneumonia will respond to the combination of Methylprednisone, Ascorbic acid, Thiamine, and full anticoagulation with Heparin (MATH+ protocol).
32811213 Within the state of disruption and rapid change is the awareness of a silver lining that provides an opportunity for future growth.
32825737 These nanomaterials include silver, gold, quantum dots, organic nanoparticles, liposomes, dendrimers and polymers.
32834621 First, by using Renyi entropy, we analyze the multiscale entropy function in the return time series of Bitcoin, S&P500, WTI, Brent, Gas, Gold, Silver, and investor fear index represented by VIX. […] From a managerial perspective, we conclude that during the pandemic (i) portfolios composed of Bitcoin and Silver, Bitcoin and WTI, Bitcoin and Gold, Bitcoin and Brent, or Bitcoin and S&P500 could be risky, (ii) diversification opportunities exist by investing in portfolios composed of Gas and Silver, Gold and Silver, Gold and Gas, Brent and Silver, Brent and Gold, or Bitcoin and Gas, and that (iii) the VIX exhibited the lowest level of information disorder at all scales before and during the pandemic.
32838070 We anticipate understanding the positives that have emerged under these extraordinary circumstances is the “silver lining” of the pandemic, giving us tools and the best leverage to plan for the future.
32860103 However, the COVID-19 pandemic has produced the silver lining of inspiring healthcare innovation around the world, with collaboration across multiple disciplines all working toward the same goal of saving lives.
32876273 It understands these interfaces as structuring elements of the process and relativizes the simplification strategies expressed in “silver bullets” - usually an industrial health product.
32887358 The aims of this review are to showcase the extensive research and application of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) and other metal nanoparticles (MNPs) as antimicrobial agents.
32934862 Current commercially available silver-based wound dressings such as silver-nylon have been used as antimicrobial barriers for burn and trauma care in combat conditions for over 10 years. […] In this report, we tested the extent to which CN imparts CN benefits to silver dressings for temporizing treatments of burn wounds and enhancing anti-bacterial activity. […] Using a rat full-thickness scald burn model, we showed that CN enhanced the anti-bacterial effects of the tested silver-based dressings (Acticoat™, Mepilex™, and Silverlon®), while also imparting anti-inflammatory properties to these dressings. […] Compared to the use of silver dressings alone, CN significantly decreased the levels of IL-1β and GRO/KC, and exhibited downward trending levels of IL-1α, MIP-1α, and bacterial bioburden within the wound. […] Based on our findings, we conclude that CN has the ability to expand and enhance the function of several silver dressings. […] We propose the use of CN in combination with silver dressings to stabilize burn wounds thereby allowing postponement of excision and grafting, most notably in scenarios where the standard of care is not feasible such as in combat situations, resource limited regions, and new emergent health care challenges as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic in which COVID-positive severe burn patients are not able to undergo surgery during an active outbreak.
32942766 Granger causality analysis reveals causal associations between selected stock market returns and Philadelphia Gold/Silver Index.
32958250 Silver nanoparticles (AgNP) have been studied to possess antiviral properties and are presumed to inhibit SARS-CoV-2.
32982268 The silver linings of the pandemic of COVID-19 should be uncovered to encourage the community not only to focus on the black side of the disease but also to enjoy the opportunities. […] In this review, we have discussed the challenges of COVID-19 in Ethiopia in terms of health, economy, and social life, and the silver linings in terms of research opportunities, technological transformation, reading culture, and family discussion.
33048860 S hared concerns and experiences among the three participants are described in five key areas: 1) Recommendations changing every day, 2) Guilt, concern, and stress, 3) In-person versus telehealth visits, 4) Missing time with family and friends, and 5) Silver linings.
33064151 Vaccines are, however, not a silver bullet, but a safe, cost-effective, and globally applicable tool that will require a substantial effort-cooperation, commitment, time, and funding-to be effective.
33072226 The dramatic U-turn from environmental degradation is definitely a silver lining in these black clouds.
33077199 Some participants have found silver linings, including more time to dedicate to research and family as a result of fewer clinical duties.
33126204 In the midst of the chaos, at least one silver lining has emerged: the development of new, creative strategies for delivering cancer care that are likely to continue post pandemic.
33132747 Silver nanoparticles have a great potential in a broad range of applications such as drug-delivery carriers because of their antiviral and antibacterial properties. […] In this study, the coating properties of silver nanoparticle (size range of 1.6 nm) with three common anti-malarial drugs, Artemisinin, Artemether, and Artesunate have been studied by using the quantum mechanical and classical atomistic molecular dynamics simulation in order to use as the drug delivery to treat malaria and COVID-19 diseases.
33147259 However, not all consequences of the lockdown were negative, with 62% reporting ‘silver linings’, which included enjoying working from home, spending more time with family, and a quieter, less polluted environment.
33154710 The crisis has certainly put a strain on the effective delivery of services and as we approach the recovery era, what may have been a strain may prove to be a silver lining in neurosurgical services in Malaysia.
33173756 There have been attempts at seeing a silver lining as some families have embraced lockdowns as a means to strengthen their family bonds, increase homemade meals apart from the various virtual opportunities that were streamed on social media to encourage children to perform physical activity at home or in safe environments.
33199978 In particular, to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, recent research has shown that silver nanocluster/silica deposited on a mask reduces SARS-Cov-2 infectivity to zero.
33206209 The current situation of anatomy education is not intentional, and is not the long term silver bullet solution for a visual subject like anatomy.
33206792 Nanostructured materials such as semiconductors TiO2, Co3O4 CuO, NiO, and TiO2, and silver nanoparticles can decrease the virus viability on the surfaces when associated with polymers and textiles, especially in conditions of light exposure.
33223125 The silver lining is that these preparations and the preparedness exercise will serve in good stead in the setting of future pandemics.
33230405 There are encouraging signs for the renewable energy industry that could make COVID-19 a cloud with a silver lining; whether this is the case will depend not only on the technological realities and social response to the crisis but also on political will and foresight.
33256258 We discuss in this review the experimental evidence suggesting that melatonin is a potential “silver bullet” in the COVID 19 pandemic.
33262589 Silver-based nanomaterials (AgNMs) demonstrate antimicrobial and disinfectant effects mostly by generating reactive oxygen species (ROS) and are presently considered as a versatile tool for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.
33283798 These methods include PCR, lateral flow immunoassays, LAMP-based methods, ELISA, electrochemical methods (e.g., amperometry, voltammetry), fluorescence spectroscopy, AFM, SPR and SERS spectroscopy, silver staining and CRISPR-Cas based methods, bio-barcode detection, and resonance light scattering.
33362344 = 407) reported (1) how often they followed guidelines (e.g., handwashing, physical distancing), (2) how often they engaged in pseudoscientific practices (e.g., consuming garlic, colloidal silver), and (3) their intention to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.
33376330 Colloidal silver has particularly benefited from this rush given its empirically and scientifically documented anti-bacterial and anti-viral actions. […] This study is the first scientifically rigorous attempt to evaluate commercial silver colloidal products offered for sale on the internet. […] Fourteen of the most popular colloidal silver products purchased from Amazon ( were evaluated using state-of-the-art analytical techniques widely accepted as gold standards for investigating the properties (size, shape) and the dispersion of silver nanoparticles. […] The results of this evaluation show clearly that 70% of the commercial products evaluated contain only ionic silver. […] Despite the evidence showing that silver nanoparticles are not present, eight of these products are promoted by the manufacturers as ‘colloidal silver’. […] Considering the extensive scientific research showing major differences between silver ionic and silver nanoparticles in terms of mechanisms of action, efficacy and safety, it is clear that this misrepresentation impacts the consumers and must be addressed. […] This study serves as blueprint for a scientific protocol to be followed by manufacturers for characterizing their silver supplements.
33425283 Gold, silver, copper, zinc and iron oxide nanoparticles are effective against coronavirus.
33425945 Despite the catastrophic devastation caused by the pandemic, the adoption of more flexible, cost-effective methods of conducting clinical trials (without compromising ethical conduct, safety, or data integrity, while maintaining research efficiency) represents a potential silver lining.
33437173 While the RT-PCR is the silver bullet test for confirming the COVID-19 infection, it is limited by the lack of reagents, time-consuming, and the need for specialized labs.
33458449 It is, sometimes dark clouds have silver linings. […] In this way, potential silver linings will not become temporary.
33458697 In addition, the research considers the top five other tax revenue sources like S&P500 (GPSC), Crude oil (CL = F), Gold (GC = F), Silver (SI = F), Natural Gas (NG = F), iShares 20 + Year Treasury Bond (TLT), and correlate with the COVID-19.
33470020 Simultaneously, providers reported ‘silver linings’ of adaptations that they perceived as having potential to inform care and self-management recommendations going forward, including time-saving clinic processes, telemedicine, lifestyle changes compelled by COVID-19, and improvements to family and clinic staff literacy around data sharing.
33472613 Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a minimally-invasive preventive service used in the U.S. to avert and arrest caries since 2014.
33495754 COVID-19 vaccines are by no means a silver bullet.
33496060 The effectiveness of NSAIDs such as Aspirin, Indomethacin, Diclofenac, and Celecoxib in COVID-19 coagulopathy, discouraging the SARS viral replication, the inflammasome deactivation, and synergistic inhibition of H5N1 viral infection with representative antiviral drugs respectively, have provided a silver lining in adjuvant COVID-19 therapy.
33512669 A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is that the fast-tracked vaccine development for SARS-CoV-2 has advanced the clinical translation pathway for nanomedicine drug delivery systems.
33524045 Simulation results show that early outbreaks are very likely, and there is no silver bullet to avoid them.
33547637 All doctors described silver linings from sector changes.
33551465 Telemedicine Program representatives have described the relaxing of federal regulations as a “silver lining” to the COVID-19 pandemic.
33575845 The results of the review showed that most of the masks used cotton, nylon, silver fiber fabrics, among others as fabrics to develop the masks.