DrugBank ID: db10567
DrugCentral: shrimp
Synonymous :common shrimp | shrimp allergenic extract | shrimp, unspecified

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of shrimp gene in 9 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32939099 Unfortunately, it coincided with the major shrimp farming season in India which contributes 60% of the national annual shrimp production hence the impact was substantial. […] An on-line survey was carried out among the stakeholders of the shrimp farming sector to evaluate the prospective impact of COVID-19 related lockdown across the shrimp supply chain. […] The study estimated an economic loss of 1.50 billion USD to the shrimp aquaculture sector during the current year. […] It is expected that shrimp production and its export performance may be declining by 40% in the current season. […] The Garret ranking and Rank Based Quotient analyses projected severe constraints in shrimp seed production and supply, disruptions in the supply chain, logistics, farming, processing, marketing and loss of employment and income for the workers due to the pandemic.
33558776 LPUEs did not show significant changes during the lockdown, with the exception of shrimp species, especially the deep-water rose shrimp, which significantly increased in LPUE during March-May.