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Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of plaquenil gene in 2 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32503662 Included patients will be randomised in a 1:1 ratio to (1) standard care with the addition of 400 mg hydroxychloroquine sulphate (PlaquenilTM) twice daily for seven days or (2) standard care alone.
33352097 Besides the supportive treatment, most commonly used agents are immunomodulatory drugs such as plaquenil and azitromycin, and anti-virals including oseltamivir, ritonavir-lopinavir, favipiravir.
33507664 The same was true for the hype of several rheumatic treatments such as Plaquenil or anti-IL-6 blockade which finally did not show efficacy in prospective trials for Covid-19 pneumonia.