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Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of orange gene in 22 abstracts.

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32421108 A multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis (MF-DCCA) approach was utilized to analyze the cross-correlations between the Brent crude oil and agricultural futures such as London Sugar, London Wheat, USA Cotton #2, and USA Orange Juice futures. […] In addition, the cross-correlations of all the agricultural futures increased after the emergence of COVID-19 except the orange juice future market.
32500951 The number of cases soared in early February 2020, and Singapore declared escalation of the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange.
32661758 Singapore has escalated its alert level to Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) Orange, signifying severe disease with community spread. […] We aimed to study the overall volume of AIS cases and the delivery of hyperacute stroke services during DORSCON Orange. […] We studied 350 AIS activation patients admitted through the ED, 206 (58.9%) pre- and 144 during DORSCON Orange. […] Amongst AIS patients that received acute recanalization therapy, early neurological outcomes in terms of change in median NIHSS at 24 h (-4 versus -4, p = 0.685) were largely similar between the pre- and during DORSCON orange periods.
32661780 The Italian College of Breast Radiologists by the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM) provides recommendations for breast care provision and procedural prioritization during COVID-19 pandemic, being aware that medical decisions must be currently taken balancing patient’s individual and community safety: (1) patients having a scheduled or to-be-scheduled appointment for in-depth diagnostic breast imaging or needle biopsy should confirm the appointment or obtain a new one; (2) patients who have suspicious symptoms of breast cancer (in particular: new onset palpable nodule; skin or nipple retraction; orange peel skin; unilateral secretion from the nipple) should request non-deferrable tests at radiology services; (3) asymptomatic women performing annual mammographic follow-up after breast cancer treatment should preferably schedule the appointment within 1 year and 3 months from the previous check, compatibly with the local organizational conditions; (4) asymptomatic women who have not responded to the invitation for screening mammography after the onset of the pandemic or have been informed of the suspension of the screening activity should schedule the check preferably within 3 months from the date of the not performed check, compatibly with local organizational conditions.
32823497 This short review draws the attention on some components of citrus fruits, and especially of the orange (Citrus sinensis), well known for its vitamin and flavonoid content.
32837740 After entering the orange level, the Ministry of Employment and Labor developed workplace guidelines for COVID-19 consisting of social distancing, flexible working schedules, early identification of workers with suspected infections, and disinfection of workplaces.
33120624 Red zones represent hotspots and orange/green zones represent regions with medium and lower caseloads, respectively. […] Out of the total (n = 6119) participants, 3081 were from hospitals in green zone, 2110 from the orange zone, and 928 from red zone.
33121357 In 1983, Central Florida farmworkers united to create the Farmworker Association of Florida after freezes to orange groves left them out of work.
33148018 Despite the existing triaging strategy at the Obstetric unit of a tertiary hospital in New Delhi, where all COVID-19 suspects obstetric patients were tested and admitted in orange zone and non-suspects in green zone, asymptomatic COVID-19 positive patients were found admitted in the green zone.
33180782 The present study reports on initial sero-surveillance conducted on healthcare workers at a regional hospital system in Orange County, California, during May and June, 2020.
33190192 A digital intervention targeted Black women in Orange County, Florida with information on positive pregnancy-related knowledge and attitudes related to low birthweight.
33241257 Our Antenatal Diagnostic Centre (ADC) in KKH developed new strategies to adapt to the pandemic when the national Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) was raised from yellow to orange on 7 February 2020.
33296357 The model was developed with consecutive patients with COVID-19 who presented to University of California Irvine Medical Center in Orange County, California.
33323098 Daily responses were converted to green, orange or red trees, analysed in real time by physicians. […] “Orange” patients were called within two hours to verify whether the specific instructions following the SMS had been followed. […] During follow-up, 649 (64%) became “orange” and 69 (7%) “red”.
33381691 The results of UFT orange and red in inpatients and ICU patients were statistically significantly higher than in the control and outpatient groups.
33385606 The hospital was divided into 3 zones (red, orange, and green) depending on infectivity level with minimal interaction.
33403056 With a rise in unlinked cases, the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) status was raised from yellow to orange.
33406051 The purpose of this project is to assess current COVID-19-related knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) among a predominantly Hispanic population from Orange County, California, and identify risk factors that may contribute to increased susceptibility and vulnerability to contracting SARS-CoV-2. […] Our Orange County-wide community survey consists of quantitative survey questions in four domains: demographic information, COVID-19 knowledge questions, COVID-19 attitude questions, and COVID-19 practices questions. […] Participants are being recruited from Amistad Medical Clinic, a private primary health clinic group in Orange County that treats a predominantly Hispanic population.
33435749 Findings suggest that several dietary supplements, including black seeds, garlic, ginger, cranberry, orange, omega-3 and -6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (e.g., A, B vitamins, C, D, E), and minerals (e.g., Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Na, Se, Zn) have anti-viral effects.
33458559 On February 8, 2020, Singapore raised its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange, indicating that coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) was a severe disease with high human transmissibility.
33463662 The highly infectious nature of this virus has led to the implementation of the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition orange status in Singapore since early February 2020.
33542329 We set out to provide a minimally biased estimate of SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence among adults for a large and diverse county (Orange County, CA, population 3.2 million).