DrugBank ID: db00043
DrugCentral: omalizumab
Synonymous : None

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of omalizumab gene in 4 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32713127 We discuss the previous descriptions of the effects of omalizumab, a monoclonal antibody directed to IgE and high-affinity IgE receptors, to improve the IFN responses and enhance their antiviral effects.
32883116 Omalizumab that binds to the CH3 domain is near to the binding site for the high-affinity IgE Fc receptors type-I of human IgE.
33271350 There was a significant (all variables, P ≤ .0001) reduction in the following: face-to-face consultations (increase in telephone consultations), initiation of venom immunotherapy, sublingual and subcutaneous injection immunotherapy, anesthetic allergy testing, and hospital procedures (food challenges, immunoglobulin and omalizumab administration); and a significant increase (P ≤ .0001) in home therapy for immunoglobulin and omalizumab.
33284457 Cyclosporine and systemic corticosteroids, but not antihistamines or omalizumab, are used less during the pandemic.
33301190 The omalizumab use was statistically higher (P = .017), and the systemic corticosteroid use was statistically lower (P = .025) in the “aggravated” group. […] This study showed that CU patients, especially those on omalizumab therapy, had difficulties in attending medical care and even in the maintenance of their existing therapies during the pandemic.
33388603 The aim of this study was to assess incidence and disease course of COVID-19 in patients with severe asthma on biologic therapy (omalizumab, mepolizumab, reslizumab, benralizumab, dupilumab), as compared with COVID-19 data from the general Dutch population.
33536114 Some reports indicated that treatment with benralizumab, dupilumab, and omalizumab in patients with severe asthma was not associated with significant adverse effects during COVID-19.