DrugBank ID: db12907
DrugCentral: mannose
Synonymous :d-mannose

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of mannose gene in 4 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32299776 These pulmonary findings were accompanied by significant deposits of terminal complement components C5b-9 (membrane attack complex), C4d, and mannose binding lectin (MBL)-associated serine protease (MASP)2, in the microvasculature, consistent with sustained, systemic activation of the alternative and lectin-based complement pathways.
32359201 We propose here the first model, explaining how the outcome of first, crucial 10-15 days after infection, hangs on the balance between the cumulative dose of viral exposure and the efficacy of the local innate immune response (natural IgA and IgM antibodies, Mannose Binding Lectin ).
32362217 This study reveals that Isothymol, a major component of this plant, gives the best docking scores, compared to, the co-crystallized inhibitor β-D-mannose of the enzyme ACE2, to Captropil drug as good ACE2 inhibitor and to Chloroquine antiviral drug also involved in other mechanisms as inhibition of ACE2 cellular receptor. In silico (ADME), drug-likeness, PASS & P450 site of metabolism prediction, pharmacophore Mapper showed that the compound Isothymol has given a good tests results compared to the β-D-mannose co-crystallized inhibitor, to Captopril and Chloroquine drugs.
32850977 Moreover, our review mainly focuses on the most state-of-the-art therapeutic approach mediated by “Mannose-binding lectin (MBL).”
32871607 Mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a pattern recognition molecule that initiates the lectin pathway of complement activation, has been suggested as a potential amplifier of blood coagulation during thromboinflammation.
33077685 In contrast, the insect cell-expressed S protein contained 38 N-glycans, completely of the high-mannose type.
33088671 Activation of the lectin pathway via mannose-binding lectin associated serine protease 2 (MASP2) is witnessed under discrete viral infections including COVID-19.
33138151 -glycans, suggests that high-mannose-specific seaweed lectins are particularly well adapted as glycan probes for coronaviruses. […] This review presents a detailed study of the carbohydrate-binding specificity of high-mannose-specific seaweed lectins, demonstrating their potential to be used as specific glycan probes for coronaviruses, as well as the biomedical interest for both the detection and immobilization of SARS-CoV-2 to avoid shedding of the virus into the environment.
33193407 The most extensive data concern mannose-binding lectin (MBL) which together with other collectins (collectin-10, collectin-11) and the ficolins (ficolin-1, ficolin-2, ficolin-3) belong to pattern-recognition molecules (PRM) specific for the LP.
33375175 While the neck/repeat region is involved in oligomeric dimerization, the CRD recognizes the mannose-containing structures present on specific glycoproteins such as those found on the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.
33502483 Mendelian randomization suggested that genetically regulated serum mannose was associated with ARDS risk (odds ratio [OR], 0.64; 95% CI, 0.53-0.78; P = 7.46 × 10-6) in the discovery stage. […] In the functional validation stage incorporating 83 participants with ARDS and matched at-risk participants in the control group from the ICU, the protective association of mannose with ARDS risk was validated (OR, 0.67; 95% CI, 0.46-0.97; P = .03). […] Furthermore, serum mannose was associated with 28-day (OR, 0.25; 95% CI, 0.11-0.56; P = 6.95 × 10-4) and 60-day (OR, 0.36; 95% CI, 0.19-0.71; P = 3.12 × 10-3) mortality and 28-day (hazard ratio, 0.49; 95% CI, 0.32-0.74; P = 6.41 × 10-4) and 60-day (hazard ratio, 0.55; 95% CI, 0.37-0.80; P = 2.11 × 10-3) survival. […] In this study, genetically regulated serum mannose appeared to be associated with ARDS risk and outcome, and increased serum mannose at admission was associated with reduced ARDS risk and better survival.
33556147 Here we created monomeric and trimeric fluorescent RBD proteins, derived from adherent HEK293T, as well as in GnTI-/- mutant cells, to analyze the effect of complex vs high mannose glycosylation on receptor binding.
33572332 We have recently shown that surface exposition of mannose, incorporated in LNPs as stable cholesterol-amine conjugate, enhances the potency of self-amplifying RNA (SAM) replicon vaccines through augmented uptake by antigen presenting cells (APCs).