DrugBank ID: db14258
DrugCentral: elm
Synonymous :elm bark | slippery elm | slippery elm inner bark | ulmus fulva inner bark | ulmus rubra inner bark

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of elm gene in 2 abstracts.

pmid sentence
33014355 The extreme learning machines (ELM) classifier is considered in the classification stage of the proposed study.
33320858 Therefore, this work employs an Optimised Genetic Algorithm-Extreme Learning Machine (OGA-ELM) with three selection criteria (i.e., random, K-tournament, and roulette wheel) to detect COVID-19 using X-ray images. […] The most crucial strength factors of the Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) are: (i) high capability of the ELM in avoiding overfitting; (ii) its usability on binary and multi-type classifiers; and (iii) ELM could work as a kernel-based support vector machine with a structure of a neural network. […] These advantages make the ELM efficient in achieving an excellent learning performance. […] Hence, this work aims to identify the effectiveness of employing OGA-ELM in detecting COVID-19 using chest X-ray images. […] The performance of OGA-ELM is evaluated on a benchmark dataset containing 188 chest X-ray images with two classes: a healthy and a COVID-19 infected. […] The experimental result shows that the OGA-ELM achieves 100.00% accuracy with fast computation time. […] This demonstrates that OGA-ELM is an efficient method for COVID-19 detecting using chest X-ray images.
33363100 Reviewers’ creditworthiness is an important edge clue in the elaboration likelihood model (ELM).
33425051 In particular, the modified pre-trained CNN-ResNet50 based Extreme Learning Machine classifier (ELM) has proposed for different diagnosis abnormalities such as COVID-19, Pneumonia, and normal.
33527035 In this paper, a new Multiple Kernels-ELM-based Deep Neural Network (MKs-ELM-DNN) method is proposed for the detection of novel coronavirus disease - also known as COVID-19, through chest CT scanning images. […] Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) classifier based on different activation methods is used to calculate the architecture’s performance. […] Lastly, the final class label is determined using the majority voting method for prediction of the results obtained from each architecture based on ReLU-ELM, PReLU-ELM, and TanhReLU-ELM. […] In experimental works, a public dataset containing COVID-19 and Non-COVID-19 classes was used to verify the validity of the MKs-ELM-DNN model proposed. […] According to the results obtained, the accuracy score was obtained as 98.36% using the MKs-ELM-DNN model. […] The results have demonstrated that, when compared, the MKs-ELM-DNN model proposed is proven to be more successful than the state-of-the-art algorithms and previous studies. […] This study shows that the proposed Multiple Kernels-ELM-based Deep Neural Network model can effectively contribute to the identification of COVID-19 disease.
33594301 For this purpose, we applied nine models including NNETAR, ARIMA, Hybrid, Holt-Winter, BSTS, TBATS, Prophet, MLP, and ELM network models.
33596252 Data mining was performed to obtain DMIs stored as regular expressions (regexp) in 3DID and ELM databases.