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Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of eculizumab gene in 19 abstracts.

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32329881 In this case series, we aimed to report preliminary data obtained with anti-complement C5 therapy with eculizumab in COVID-19 patients admitted to intensive care unit (ICU) of ASL Napoli 2 Nord. […] This is a case series of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of SARS-CoV2 infection and severe pneumonia or ARDS who were treated with up to 4 infusions of eculizumab as an off-label agent. […] All patients successfully recovered after treatment with eculizumab. […] Eculizumab induced a drop in inflammatory markers. […] Eculizumab has the potential to be a key player in treatment of severe cases of COVID-19. […] Our results support eculizumab use as an off-label treatment of COVID-19, pending confirmation from the ongoing SOLID-C19 trial.
32518172 Concerns for modifications-if any-of chronic immunotherapies with steroids, mycophenolate, azathioprine, IVIg, and anti-B-cell agents were addressed; the role of complement in innate immunity to viral responses and anti-complement therapeutics (i.e. eculizumab) were reviewed.
32569708 The inflammatory phase includes therapeutic options like Tocilizumab, Anakinra, Baricitinib, Eculizumab, Emapalumab and Heparin.
32581810 Based on the hypothesis that complement and coagulation cascades are activated by viral infection, and might trigger an acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), we report clinical outcomes of 17 consecutive cases of SARS-CoV-2-related ARDS treated (N = 7) with the novel combination of ruxolitinib, a JAK1/2 inhibitor, 10 mg/twice daily for 14 days and eculizumab, an anti-C5a complement monoclonal antibody, 900 mg IV/weekly for a maximum of three weeks, or with the best available therapy (N = 10). […] Our results support the use of combined ruxolitinib and eculizumab for treatment of severe SARS-CoV-2-related ARDS by simultaneously turning off abnormal innate and adaptive immune responses.
32583086 This review also highlights potential targets for prevention and therapy of COVID-19-related organ damage and discusses the role of marketed drugs, such as eculizumab and imatinib, as suitable candidates for clinical trials.
32699613 Finally, current therapeutic approaches and potential future therapeutic approaches undergoing clinical trials, such as complement targeting by eculizumab, are also presented.
32771488 Administration of anti-C5 monoclonal antibody eculizumab led to a marked decline in D-dimers and neutrophil counts in all three cases, and normalization of liver functions and creatinine in two.
32917848 CASE REPORT Case 1 is a 39-year-old woman with an approximately 20-year history of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), who had recently been switched from treatment with eculizumab to ravulizumab prior to SARS-CoV-2 infection. […] Case 2 is a 54-year-old woman with a cadaveric renal transplant for lupus nephritis, complicated by thrombotic microangiopathy, who was maintained on eculizumab, which she started several months before she developed the SARS-CoV-2 infection. […] Case 3 is a 60-year-old woman with a 14-year history of PNH, who had been treated with eculizumab since 2012, and was diagnosed with COVID-19 at the time of her scheduled infusion.
32961333 Here we compare the efficacy of the C5-targeting monoclonal antibody eculizumab with that of the compstatin-based C3-targeted drug candidate AMY-101 in small independent cohorts of severe COVID-19 patients.
32981025 We present a pediatric case of COVID-19 and renal failure due to thombotic microangiopathy, successfully treated with eculizumab.
33117528 Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) treatment consists of eculizumab. […] Complement activation is thought to contribute to endothelial injury and there are at least seven ongoing clinical trials testing six different anti-complement strategies for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), including eculizumab. […] We herein report on a kidney transplant patient with aHUS on chronic eculizumab therapy that developed severe COVID-19 despite eculizumab administration early in the course of the disease. […] Although eculizumab was unable to prevent the development of severe endothelial cell injury, as assessed by increasing D-dimer levels from 292 to 10 586 ng/mL, the patient eventually recovered following dexamethasone and convalescent plasma administration.
33123353 However, a unique case of COVID-19 in a patient with pre-existent atypical haemolytic syndrome on chronic eculizumab therapy suggests that even early eculizumab may fail to prevent disease progression to a severe stage.
33173853 We present results from a nonrandomized proof-of-concept study of complement C5 inhibitor eculizumab for treatment of severe COVID-19. = 80) with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection and severe COVID-19 admitted to our intensive care unit between March 10 and May 5, 2020 were included. […] Forty-five patients were treated with standard care and 35 with standard care plus eculizumab through expanded-access emergency treatment. […] Patients treated with eculizumab experienced a significantly more rapid decrease in lactate, blood urea nitrogen, total and conjugated bilirubin levels and a significantly more rapid increase in platelet count, prothrombin time, and in the ratio of arterial oxygen tension over fraction of inspired oxygen versus patients treated without eculizumab. […] Eculizumab-associated changes in complement levels, laboratory values, and biomarkers were consistent with terminal complement inhibition, reduced hypoxia, and decreased inflammation. […] TESAEs of special interest occurring in >5% of patients treated with/without eculizumab were ventilator-associated pneumonia (51%/24%), bacteremia (11%/2%), gastroduodenal hemorrhage (14%/16%), and hemolysis (3%/18%). […] Findings from this proof-of-concept study suggest eculizumab may improve survival and reduce hypoxia in patients with severe COVID-19.
33362783 The paradigm of safe and efficacious terminal complement pathway inhibition has been demonstrated by the approval of eculizumab in paroxysmal nocturnal hematuria.
33439937 The most tested pharmacological interventions in these studies were: chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, convalescent plasma, tocilizumab, sarilumab, eculizumab, vaccine, corticosteroids, anticoagulants, n-acetylcysteine, nitazoxanide, ivermectin, and lopinavir/ritonavir.
33447586 We present a summary of a child with COVID-19 disease treated with convalescent plasma and eculizumab and provide a detailed evaluation of the inflammatory pathways.
33537898 Complement inhibition with eculizumab was, therefore, introduced and lead to rapid recovery.
33542445 These drugs include chloroquine (CQ), hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin, lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r), atazanavir (ATV), favipiravir (FVP), nevirapine (NVP), efavirenz (EFV), oseltamivir, remdesivir, anakinra, tocilizumab (TCZ), eculizumab, heme oxygenase 1 (HO-1) regulators, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) inhibitors, ivermectin, and nitazoxanide.
33569082 Other agents, such as convalescent plasma, eculizumab, immunoglobulins, neutralizing IgG1 monoclonal antibodies, remdesivir, steroids, and tocilizumab, have shown a possible impact on inpatient length of stay and mortality rate.