DrugBank ID: db00514
DrugCentral: dextromethorphan
Synonymous :(+)-dextromethorphan | d-methorphan | delta-methorphan | dex | dextromethorfan | dextromethorphan | dextrométhorphane | dextromethorphanum | dextrometorfano | dm

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of dextromethorphan gene in 2 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32281695 We identified many cheap, available, and safe medicines, such as diphenidol, quinine, chloroquine, artemisinin, chlorpheniramine, yohimbine, and dextromethorphan, which may target the most common symptoms caused by 2019-nCoV.
32965508 The antipsychotic drug, haloperidol, exerts remarkable antiviral activity, but, at the same time, the sigma-1 benzomorphan agonist, dextromethorphan, showed pro-viral activity. […] To explore the potential mechanisms of biased binding and activity of the two drugs, haloperidol and dextromethorphan towards NSP6, we herein utilized molecular docking-based molecular dynamics simulation studies. […] Our extensive analysis of the protein-drug interactions, structural and conformational dynamics, residual frustrations, and molecular switches of NSP6-drug complexes indicates that dextromethorphan binding leads to structural destabilization and increase in conformational dynamics and energetic frustrations. […] •Dextromethorphan, agonist of sigma receptors, binding leads to overall destabilization of NSP6.