DrugBank ID: db14726
DrugCentral: dabigatran
Synonymous :dabigatran

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of dabigatran gene in 3 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32329231 Plasma samples for DOAC measurement were collected 2to 4 days after starting antiviral treatment, at 12 hours from the last dose intake in patients on dabigatran and apixaban, and at 24 hours in those on rivaroxaban and edoxaban.
33014097 Not all anticoagulants have the same risk of hepatotoxicity; dabigatran has shown a good efficacy and safety profile and could have a lower risk of hepatotoxicity. […] Therefore, dabigatran may be considered as a first-line choice for oral anticoagulation at discharge after COVID-19 infection.
33261845 The review revealed the best-documented multi-target drugs repurposed by computational methods for COVID-19 therapy as follows: antiviral drugs commonly used to treat AIDS/HIV (Atazanavir, Efavirenz, and Dolutegravir Ritonavir, Raltegravir, and Darunavir, Lopinavir, Saquinavir, Nelfinavir, and Indinavir), HCV (Grazoprevir, Lomibuvir, Asunaprevir, Ribavirin, and Simeprevir), HBV (Entecavir), HSV (Penciclovir), CMV (Ganciclovir), and Ebola (Remdesivir), anticoagulant drug (Dabigatran), and an antifungal drug (Itraconazole).
33529622 Patients with BHVs and AF treated with warfarin, dabigatran, rivaroxaban or apixaban between September 12, 2011 and June 18, 2020 were identified.