DrugBank ID: db01282
DrugCentral: carbetocin
Synonymous :1-butanoic acid-2-(o-methyl-l-tyrosine)-1-carbaoxytocin | 1-butyric acid-2-(3-(p-methoxyphenyl)-l-alanine)oxytocin | carbetocin | carbetocina | carbetocino | carbetocinum | deamino-2-o-methyltyrosine-1-carbaoxytocin

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of carbetocin gene in 6 abstracts.

pmid sentence
  1. In the treatment of uterine contraction fatigue, carbetocin or carboprost tromethamine was used more in cesarean section for pregnant women with COVID-19 (1.3±0.6), compared with Non-COVID-19 group (0.5±0.7), the difference was statistically significant (P=0.001). Conclusions: If there is an indication for obstetric surgery or critical illness of COVID-19 in pregnant women, timely termination of pregnancy will not increase the risk of premature birth and asphyxia of the newborn, but it is beneficial to the treatment and rehabilitation of maternal pneumonia.
32809918 Using the Library of Integrated Network-Based Cellular Signatures (LINCS), we used the transcriptomic signature for carbetocin, an OXT agonist, and compared it to gene knockdown signatures of inflammatory (such as interleukin IL-1β and IL-6) and proimmune markers (including T cell and macrophage cell markers like CD40 and ARG1). […] We found that carbetocin’s transcriptomic signature has a pattern of concordance with inflammation and immune marker knockdown signatures that are consistent with reduction of inflammation and promotion and sustaining of immune response. […] This suggests that carbetocin may have potent effects in modulating inflammation, attenuating T cell inhibition, and enhancing T cell activation. […] Our results also suggest that carbetocin is more effective at inducing immune cell responses than either lopinavir or hydroxychloroquine, both of which have been explored for the treatment of COVID-19.