DrugBank ID: db00181
DrugCentral: baclofen
Synonymous :(+-)-baclofen | 4-amino-3-(4-chlorophenyl)butyric acid | baclofen | baclofène | baclofeno | baclofenum | beta-(4-chlorophenyl)gaba | beta-(aminomethyl)-4-chlorobenzenepropanoic acid | beta-(aminomethyl)-p-chlorohydrocinnamic acid | beta-(p-chlorophenyl)-gamma-aminobutyric acid | dl-4-amino-3-p-chlorophenylbutanoic acid | dl-baclofen | gamma-amino-beta-(p-chlorophenyl)butyric acid

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of baclofen gene in 3 abstracts.

pmid sentence
33164962 Within pediatric rehabilitation medicine, management of intrathecal baclofen has been particularly challenging.
33185613 Pediatric patients with cerebral palsy who were previously receiving botulinum toxin injections on a regular basis went prolonged periods of time between injections, and patients who have intrathecal baclofen pumps were called in to get refills with different intervals.
33309013 A COVID-19 test was positive, and hydroxychloroquine, oseltamivir, baclofen, and symptomatic treatment were initiated.
33312453 Furthermore, drug repurposing analysis of thousands of drugs revealed that TNFα inhibitor etanercept and γ-aminobutyric acid-B receptor (GABABR) agonist baclofen showed most significant reversal power to COVID-19 gene signature, so we are highly optimistic about their clinical use for COVID-19 treatment.