DrugBank ID: db00278
DrugCentral: argatroban
Synonymous :argatroban | argatroban anhydrous

Drug Sentece Context

Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of argatroban gene in 20 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32720827 Heparin drip was discontinued and was switched to argatroban.
32780853 Successful use of alteplase and argatroban to treat a patient with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-associated massive pulmonary embolism with cardiac arrest is reported. […] Administration of two 50-mg doses of intravenous alteplase resulted in return of spontaneous circulation, and low-dose argatroban was used as follow-up anticoagulation therapy without complications. […] This is the first case report of use of argatroban in a patient with COVID-19 with cardiac arrest-associated massive pulmonary embolism after failure of previous anticoagulation efforts. […] Argatroban may be used as an alternate anticoagulation strategy in COVID-19 patients who fail low-molecular weight therapy. […] More data is needed to understand the unique hypercoagulable condition in COVID-19 patients as well as research that further highlights the role of argatroban and bivalirudin therapy in this patient population.
32789604 We report herein two cases of laboratory-confirmed HIT in COVID-19 patients with severe ARDS admitted to our intensive care unit for VV-ECMO support and the successful use of argatroban as an alternative therapy. […] Argatroban seems to be an appropriate and safe therapeutic option in COVID-19 patients with HIT while on VV-ECMO.
32870433 In this review, we describe the clinical features of COVID-19, the thrombin’s roles in various pathologies, and the potential of argatroban in COVID-19 patients. […] Argatroban is a synthetic, small molecule, direct, competitive, and selective inhibitor of thrombin. […] Argatroban also possesses anti-inflammatory and antiviral activities and has a well-established pharmacokinetics profile. […] Thus, argatroban presents a substantial promise in treating severe cases of COVID-19; however, this promise is yet to be established in randomized, controlled clinical trials.
32917441 The patient was admitted to the intensive care unit and successfully treated with unfractionated heparin, alteplase 50 mg, and argatroban 2 μg/kg/min.
33045450 Recanalization was achieved successfully by eCAS, and dual antiplatelet therapy and argatroban were administrated following eCAS.
33198670 Anticoagulation during sustained low-efficiency daily dialysis (SLEDD) was performed with UFH, argatroban, or low molecular weight heparin (LMWH). […] In patients receiving SLEDD, mean treatment time with UFH was 8.1 h (SEM: ±1.3 h), with argatroban 8.0 h (SEM: ±0.9 h), and with LMWH 11.8 h (SEM: ±0.5 h).
33332362 For antithrombotic prophylaxis low-molecular-weight-heparin or unfractionated heparin was administered and two patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia received argatroban.