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Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of antitussive gene in 7 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32358406 The patients continued to be given oxygen by mask and received antitussive, phlegm-dispelling treatment.
32391671 All patients were treated with antiviral, antitussive, oxygen inhalation; case 3 received glucocorticoids, case 2 with severe illness received glucocorticoids and additionally gamma globulin.
32660776 As soon as the lockdown began, first cases of overdoses (lethal or not) were reported with opioids, mainly with methadone, and other opioids (heroin, oxycodone, tramadol or antitussive codeine).
32685234 In this review, the potential of Nigella sativa (black cumin seeds) to treat the patients with COVID-19 analyzed, as it has shown to possess antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, immunomodulatory, bronchodilatory, antihistaminic, antitussive, antipyretic and analgesic activities. […] Various randomized controlled trials, pilot studies, case reports and in vitro and in vivo studies confirmed that N.sativa has antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, bronchodilatory, antihistaminic, antitussive activities related to causative oraganism and signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
32771034 Intervention group: Nigella sativa oil (MARNYS® Cuminmar) 500 mg softgel capsules, one capsule orally twice daily for 10 days plus standard of care treatment (antipyretic, antitussive).
32815796 Strategically, Noscapine, an approved antitussive drug with positive effects on lung linings may show favorable outcomes synergistically with antiviral drugs in trials. […] We employed the antitussive noscapine in conjugation with antiviral drugs (Chloroquine, Umifenovir, Hydroxychloroquine, Favlplravir and Galidesivir).
33120780 The efficacy and safety of Reduning injection combined with western medicine in the treatment of pneumonia were evaluated in terms of overall effective rate, the patient’s antipyretic time, antitussive time, rales disappearing time, X-ray recovery time, and the incidence of adverse reactions.
33173857 In addition, the novel use of nebulised lidocaine for its antitussive effects in a patient with COVID-19 is highlighted.
33385878 More interestingly, tramadol as an effective analgesic and antitussive may have a beneficial effect on COVID-19 patients suffering from cough, headache, ache, and pain.