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Table 1. Analysis of context sentence of allay gene in 10 abstracts.

pmid sentence
32674824 Information should be shared in a transparent and comprehensive manner to allay the increased anxiety that families may feel during this time.
32682303 To help allay the fears among HCPs and the patients they are treating with COVID-19, a number of initiatives are suggested.
32787398 The report raises concerns on the use of SARS-CoV-2 kits in malaria areas in terms of cost, to prompt research, allay fears and guide policy during this pandemic and beyond.
32829047 We draw on history with other immune cell-mediated lung diseases, on insights from the SARS-CoV experience, and on frontline observations in an attempt to allay the skepticism towards corticosteroids in COVID-19 lung disease that is likely to persist even as favorable study results emerge.
33006939 Health practitioners may provide opportunities to allay concerns or offer coping techniques to individuals in need of mental health care.
33013090 What is needed to allay anxieties and instill calm?
33022917 Enough time should be taken to allay concerns about both short- and long-term side effects before a vaccine is released.
33088085 Almost 64% of the patients and caregivers reported that the service helped allay the fear and reassured them that there was a someone to support them.
33088091 Palliative home care is an important tool to allay the anxieties and address the fears of cancer patients and caregivers, by ensuring continuity of care and providing the much needed handholding in these difficult times.
33088101 Every day, nurses are working tirelessly by leaving their homes to assist the sick, allay community fears, and address concerns.
33100644 These modifications should allay the fear of health care workers regarding their safety and reluctance to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but should also address the serious concerns where an opportunity is lost to revive patients who may not be COVID positive as suspected.
33271779 Adopting the cognitive reappraisal strategy might allay the adverse relationships between certain social media activities and mental health indicators.
33370323 To allay concerns about the safety of accessing general practice, practices should communicate the measures being implemented to prevent COVID-19 transmission.
33419929 Participant outreach to allay suspicions ranged from communicating study information through multiple channels to highlighting associations with local institutions to boost credibility.
33437224 It is imperative to allay the fears and psychological sequalae of COVID-19, especially those individuals at higher risks.